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June General Meeting
**Join us for an important discussion about what this law contains, what it means for us as activists in Florida, and how we can keep each other safe as we continue our work.**
Perhaps none of the despicable pieces of legislation passed during the 2020-21 Florida legislative session will affect our lives as activists as directly as HB1, “Combating Public Disorder.” This law, known, depending on your political persuasion, as either the “Anti-Protest Law” or the “Anti-Riot Law,” is intended to chill public dissent, protest, and demonstration. Though it was clearly written in response to protests stemming from George Floyd’s murder, its remarkably broad language and harsh penalties can be used to target almost any public activity involving three or more people. As activists, particularly people of color and allies, we must thoroughly educate ourselves about this law and strategize ways to keep each other safe while continuing to push for a more just society amidst this new legal reality.
Join us at our June chapter meeting as we do just that. We’ll talk about the details of the law, discuss its potential implications, learn what we can about local law enforcement agencies’ plans to change or not change the way they respond to public actions, and begin to strategize.
Please register for the meeting here to receive a zoom link:

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