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Join Paul Crooks for a masterclass on the rise and fall of enslavement in the British Colonies in the Caribbean and North America.

Black History Speaker Paul Crooks spent 13 years searching for his African roots. He found out that his great great great grandfather walked free from the Cousins Cove sugar plantation, Jamaica in 1838. This prompted Paul’s curiosity about what lay behind the decision to free the enslaved people of the Caribbean.

In this talk, Paul will explain
– how the decision to offer liberty to people enslaved in the Caribbean and North America began when military struggles between Africans in the Caribbean and colonisers; and
– how this unleashed forces that set in motion the demise of slavery in the Caribbean and North America.

Recognising every age rewrites history, particularly black history, Paul will place into historical perspective the factors that contributed to end of the transatlantic slavery. Paul challenges established perspectives on how the abolition was achieved; ideas created in the consciousness of many, by Great Britain are responsible for the creation and guidance of informed opinion.

Who is this talk for?
The talk is suitable for you if
– you want to develop your knowledge and understanding of the parallels between African Caribbean history and African American history
– you’re new to exploring family history

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About the speaker
Paul Crooks pioneered research into Black genealogy during the 1990s. He is the first to trace his family history from London, back 6 generations, to ancestors and enslaved on a sugar plantation in North America.

Paul gained national recognition for his work when his acclaimed historical novel Ancestors (based on the true story of his Ancestors) was published in 2002. He appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? (Moira Stuart) as the expert in Black genealogy. His second book A Tree Without Roots is the seminal guide to tracing Black British ancestry.

Paul is credited with inspiring an upsurge in interest in Black and British ancestry. He is also recognised for having spawned an industry in Black genealogy.

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