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brand Black is a series of conversations of black genius and black innovation sponsored by Cadillac. It is a celebration of our thought leaders that drive culture, business, music, tech, sport and economics. Imagine American Culture without black people. In many regards American Culture is Black Culture. The music, the clothes, the style, the creativity and art are influenced and inspired by Black Americans.The Black experience from a historical perspective in America is very painful. Racial injustice in America is more than a 400 year old problem which didn’t start yesterday and won’t be solved in a day. While we have the world’s attention we have to go beyond social media posts to establish sustainable impact and help drive real change. This year’s theme is Rebrand Black (Culture. Business. Tech) which is designed to focus on the racial pandemic that the world is experiencing today. While this year’s Brand Camp Summit will be virtual it will be more intimate and impactful than ever. We are focused on having some uncomfortable conversations.

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